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Key Economic Facts - August 2014

09 October 2014

What is it? This report presents a snapshot of Wakefield's key economic indicators and trends. The report is produced monthly by the Wakefield Business Support Programme.

Example statistic: Census 2011 origin-destination data (also known as flow data) which includes more detailed travel-to-work data was released by ONS on 25th July. In 2011 the Wakefield district had 152,300 working esidents. Of these 56% (84,977) commuted to a single workplace located within the district. The majority of Wakefield residents travel to ork by car or van with 115,500 (89% of commuters) using this mode of transport. Some 8% (11,496) of residents were home workers and a urther 7% (10,119) did not have a fixed commute. Around 30% (45,507) of residents were out-commuters, travelling to a single workplace in a different local authority. Leeds is the main work destination with 21,600 Wakefield residents working in the Leeds local authority area – of these, 17,215 (80%) travel by car.

Where to find it: The report can be downloaded from Resources & Documents ... Wakefield: Economy.