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Beyond the High Street: Wakefield Analysis

10 December 2013

What is it? Wakefield’s economy, defined as the Wakefield local authority area, has seen significant private sector jobs growth since 1998. Over this period, the city has ‘hollowed out’ - with the share of private sector jobs shifting from the centre to elsewhere in the local authority area - as growth was driven by large businesses alongside motorway sites rather than in the city centre.

In keeping with the national picture, the pattern of private sector jobs growth can be split into two periods: between 1998 and 2008, a decade of strong growth; and 2008 and 2011, a period of economic recession and slow growth. This report considers the patterns of spatial development across all parts of the Wakefield local authority area, and looks initially at three areas; the city centre, inner city and outer city.

Example statistic: Between 1998 and 2011 private sector jobs in the Wakefield local authority area grew by 6 per cent. But there was divergence in the performance of the different areas of Wakefield’s economy. Most of this growth was in the inner (12 per cent) and outer (4 per cent) city areas. Meanwhile the city centre lost private sector jobs, seeing a fall of 2 per cent.

Where to find it: The report can be downloaded from Resources & Documents ... Wakefield: Economy and Skills ... Wakefield: Economy Analysis.